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  • TAP’s 250+ Guaranteed Departures Partner Escorted Motorcoach Tours with Experiential Travel in More Than 500 Destinations Worldwide
    Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) redefines escorted motorcoach tours by offering a collection of one-of-a-kind experiential travel programs that were each created by a regional travel expert. TAP travelers can choose from more than 500 worldwide destinations and be assured of both a professionally packaged travel getaway as well as a once-in-a-lifetime guided motorcoach tour for a vacation that brings together the best of the destination with authentic local insight. We invite you to continue exploring our website to find the destination and touring option that are right for you. We offer:

    Guaranteed Departure: These tours have no passenger minimums and will never cancel once a deposit is secured. Guaranteed Departures are clearly noted in the itinerary section.

    Scheduled Departures: Researched, scheduled and with set prices, these itineraries are ready for booking and once a passenger quota is met, Scheduled Departures become Guaranteed Departures.

    Custom Group Tours: Travel itineraries that can be created by any of TAP’s regional travel experts to meet the unique interests, travel budgets and number of passengers (a minimum of 20 is required) for groups seeking a personalized touring experience. TAP has developed sample itineraries that can be used as the basis for customized travel itineraries –from hotels and attractions to the number of days on tour.

    SpecTAPular Tours & Events: Our newest program, this TAP-exclusive gives travelers multi-day access to select annual tours or events that tend to drive large crowds to the destination where the event is taking place. SpecTAPular Tours & Events can be booked as Guaranteed Departures or as Custom Group Tours.

    Bookings for any of TAP’s motorcoach tours can be booked through any travel professional or by contacting TAP’s reservation specialists at 866-373-0790. TAP’s reservation specialists can also assist in selecting which of TAP’s more than 500 worldwide destinations and motorcoach tours are best suited to your and/or your group experiential travel needs.

    We also hope that you will continuously visit us at www.GuaranteedDepartures.com as TAP is constantly growing its vacation offerings with more destinations, new tour itineraries and additional travel dates.

  • The tours in this magazine represent our Preferred Destination partner regions that have won high acclaim for their beauty and variety of activities. The TAP commitment is to provide you with quality and value-added tour experiences by combining our expertise with the regional knowledge and assistance of our Preferred Destination Partners. The destination partners, represented in this catalog, are also committed to Travel Alliance Partners. They work with us as a team to provide you with the best tour experience in North America!
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